Iowa Beef Expo Heifer Award

Each breed holding a sale at the Iowa Beef Expo will have the opportunity to present a $500 Iowa Beef Expo Heifer Award sponsored by the Iowa Beef Breeds Council to a junior exhibitor who purchases and exhibits a heifer from their breed sale.   Each breed association has been asked to develop their own criteria for this award.  Listed below are the two requirements of the Iowa Beef Breeds Council.

Heifers will be ranked at the discretion of each breed association under the following conditions:

  1. The heifer must have been purchased in an Iowa Beef Expo sanctioned sale and exhibited by a junior at the 2024 Iowa State Fair.
  2. Only one heifer per breed sale will be awarded.  Therefore, high and low percentage cattle will be considered for one award.  Furthermore, cattle with multiple breed registrations may only be awarded by the breed association which sold those cattle at the 2024 Iowa Beef Expo.
Ringworm Policy

Any evidence of warts, ringworm, foot rot, pinkeye, draining abscesses or any other contagious diseases will eliminate cattle for the show/sale and from the Expo grounds. The Iowa Beef Expo veterinarian reserves the right to final judgement on ringworm assessment. No tolerance on ringworm will be allowed unless the Expo Vet determines the condition has been treated and is in the healing stage.

Common Bedding

Cattle will be stalled on a common bedding that will be in place upon the exhibitors arrival at the show. Exhibitors will not be allowed to place additional or alternative bedding of any type on top of the bedding material supplied.


There will be NO allowance for fans placed in any of the cattle aisles.  The use of butt fans is prohibited.  Fans hanging from blocking chutes are also prohibited. Only hanging, overhead fans in the stalls will be allowed in any of the cattle barns.  Exhibitors are asked to approach the use of fans in a reasonable fashion.  Due to limited available space, particularly during the junior show, Expo management reserves the right to limit exhibitors on the number of and arrangement of equipment if fan use is excessive and infringes on the rights of other exhibitors.

Judging Contest

All Sale Cattle consigned are subject to be selected for the Judging Contest.

Generators and Space Heaters

Generators – Space Heaters – Gas Cans are not allowed in the cattle barn, tie-out barn or hog barn. NO EXCEPTIONS! If found they will be confiscated and you will have to pay a fine to get them released.


Exhibitors desiring to use tie-outs must obtain stalls cards through the cattle barn office upon arrival. Exhibitors will not be entitled to tie-out stalls without obtaining official stall cards through the Expo cattle office.

Exhibitors are not allowed to set up any type of pens in the tie-out barn. Pens will be available for pairs and close to calving females through the cattle barn office using Iowa Beef Expo gates only.


No exhibitors, sale and show consignors or junior exhibitors, are allowed to artificially fill animals through the use of pumps or bottles.


Dogs, whether loose, caged or on a leash are not allowed in the cattle barns at the Iowa Beef Expo.

Bull Leads

All bulls consigned to a sale or on display at the Expo are required to have a bull lead in their nose. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS! This is essential from a liability standpoint. Expo Management reserves the right to ask any exhibitor to remove their animal from the grounds if they do not comply.